testAchieve Online Success With The Right Plan.

All too often, many businesses make the critical mistake of spending their time and entire budget on website design, yet too little on creating an online marketing strategy.

For our clients we follow a well developed system to define their online marekting plan. Proven time and time again with our clients over the past 15 years, there are 8 critical steps that need to be analyzed and reviewed well before the website design process begins. If your last website project began with what colors you like, you don't have the right plan in place.

The 8 critical steps to develop your online marketing plan and online success are as follows:

Step 1 Keyword research
Step 2 Competitive Analysis
Step 3 Identify Target Keywords groups
Step 4 Identify Landing Pages and Keyword Targeting
Step 5 Outline the content for the related keyword groups and call to actions
Step 6 Navigation wireframe
Step 7 Home page design with marketing layout to major targets
Step 8 Site Design

Working with your web design team or with a designer of your choice, we define the target market, keyword research and landing page design to funnel your target market in. We identify key user elements required to target visitors, connect with their needs, and move them into your marketing process. We then develop the navigation, architecture, landing pages and wireframe to ensure your plan is user centric. Only then once we have the marketing funnel outlined do we move into design mode.

In this way your website is mirroring what your customers need, with a best practices, user experience. The site is also well optimized for indexing in the major search engines. Most importantly, we help you create an integrated Internet marketing strategy to develop your website as part of your business channel - as a lead generator, online branding and sales funnel.

Partnering with your marketing and sales team, we work to achieve your Internet marketing objectives - more qualified visitors, higher ROI, and increased profits.

If you want to increase online sales, traffic, and exposure, we can help you develop your online marketing strategy and work with you to achieve your online goals. Contact us today!

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