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Looking to take control of your online marketing or want someone on your team to take the reins? We provide one on one and group training and coaching to enable you to take control of your web strategy. We provide the hands-on training and share with you the know-how to execute on techniques that get results. We can arrange the location or we can come to you!

Many entrepreneurs and business owners struggle to understand SEO and Internet marketing. With the vast amount of information out there and the ever changing environment, knowing what works and what doesn't is critical to your online success. Just going through the information alone can take months, if not years. Where to start and how to implement can seem daunting.

Now you can significantly cut through all the questions and theory, to get the training and direction you or your marketing team needs to become Internet marketing experts. Take control of your online marketing strategy by knowing what is important - and what's not - and know the steps to follow to developing a successful online marketing strategy.

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With over 13 years experience as an Online Marketing consultant, Keith Kidwell, has helped hundreds of business with their online marketing strategy. Keith is a great educator breaking down key concepts into easy to learn modules. He is passionate about the Internet and an exciting speaker who motivates his students to understand the key concepts. The goal is to empower business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing teams with the understanding and the ability to implement the key success factors to SEO and online marketing success.

If you are interested in one-on-one coaching for yourself, or small group coaching for your marketing staff below are the key learning and development modules to consider a la carte or as a full day seminar. :

• Module 1 Keyword Research - the foundation to getting qualified traffic and online success. Target the wrong keywords and your whole online strategy will miss the mark.

• Module 2 On page SEO - knowing what are the critical on page SEO factors to rankings and your site success. Know what are all the available on page SEO tactics that support your rankings.

• Module 3 Off page SEO - what supports SEO growth and rankings as the search engines evaluate your off page engagement with links, Social media, blogs, articles, video and more.

• Module 4 PPC Marketing - pay per click can be an effective source of instant, qualified traffic to grow a business. Know exactly how to set up a winning ppc program and how to evauate and manage its success.

• Module 5 Website Development - your website is the key to more sales or leads. You will know what are the key hallmarks of visitor conversion and what you may be doing to block potential sales. This module lays out what are the best SEO practices as well as user engagement and usability.

• Module 6 Metrics and Analytics - with the ability to track and measure traffic and visitors to your site, stats are the guages that measure your online success. The power of understanding and interpreting stats is the key to unlocking the whole online marketing and SEO process. Tap into this and you've tapped into the power of online marketing.

• Module 7 Social Media Training - understand the critical juncture between social media and your online marketing plan. Learn the steps and methods to social media succes. Know what to post, when to post and how to post to your social media accounts and social media objectives. You will gain the knowledge and insight on how to develop and lead your Social Media strategy.

• Module 8 Email Marketing - get the techniques and strategies to bulding your email list or getting others to promote you. Understand the info building process of email marketing and tying it into an effective sales funnel. Learn how to position promotions, and when not to pitch. Prepare for email success and how to manage an email marketing strategy.

If you've had enough of trying to figure it out on your own or are feeling overwhelmed by the vast amount of info and opinions out there, now's the time to put an end to the confusion and take the helm of your online marketing destiny.

Contact us today to start on the steps to your online success, with the proven strategies and techniques that have helped hundreds of clients with their online success!

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