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Why Pay Per Click & (PPC) Management

PPC Management increases your online revenue streams by focusing on the core components of successful online marketing. Getting immediate, targeted and revenue generating traffic to your website can be achieved through the power of pay per click advertising.

PPC is a marketing method where you can buy your way to the top of the search engine results and paid page positioning. These ads are called "sponsored links" or "sponsored ads" and appear next to, and sometimes, above the natural search engine results or organic results on the page. Relevant to the keyword, you only pay when the user clicks on the ad. Pay per click advertising is a search engine marketing (SEM) technique, much like buying an ad in the phone book. Using Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc... are some PPC and content avenues available in the Social Media world.

Pay per click (PPC) search engines are the easiest, fastest and often most effective way to get traffic to your site. However, there are only a handful of PPC search engines that are worth targeting at all, so the competition can be high. Knowing how much to bid for a click is a vital factor when selecting potential keywords. If you can bid to be in the top 3 positions you will be plastered all over the internet. And here is the best part of all -- instantly! Start now!

Designing Your Pay Per Click Marketing Campaign

The most important and most time consuming part is determining the best keywords to use. Many people think that targeting the most popular keywords phrases for their market is the way to implement an effective PPC campaign. The most common keywords for your site are not usually the best ones to use for PPC search engines. Usually there is too much competition.

You also must be very careful not to choose keywords that are extremely popular yet broad and bring lots of the wrong kind of traffic. There are many keywords that at first glance may seem like a wise choice but turn out to be very expensive errors. For example, if you have a site like ours that does promotions on the internet, you would not want to bid on the keyword "internet." Why? It's not specific enough and would end up paying for every click that comes to your site, costing you a fortune with very little results.

Pay Per Click Campaigns Means Targeted Traffic

The key to a successful PPC campaigns is to find as many TARGETED, low competition keyphrases. That way, you can draw a substantial amount of traffic from keyword phrases that won't break the bank. This can be achieved with a professional and comprehensive keyword research campaign.

While picking keywords that will bring targeted traffic to your site is the first tenet of PPC success, another integral factor to your PPC campaign is ad copy. Knowing your audience online habits and how they respond to ads is critical to your overall PPC campaign.

You may have already attempted your own PPC campaign but are frustrated by the lack of results. You spent tons of money in pay per click advertising. Sure you may have received visitors from your PPC campaigns, but you got little to show for your money and efforts.

Getting Pay Per Click Results For Any Budget

That's where Netsurf Marketing provides you with comprehensive Pay Per Click Campaign creation and management. No more guess work.

Your personalized and targeted PPC solutions include:

+ Review existing keywords to revise and edit existing keyword lists to match your target market’s intentions and your offering.
+ Identifiy new targeted keyword phrases relevant to your market, developing new keyword lists.
+ PPC competition analysis. See how much competition each keyword is facing on the PPC search engines.
+ Budget and Bidding Strategy Development to determine what position and bid amounts should be assigned to each keyword.
+ Ad Creative Copywriting: We’ll create targeted ad copy and deliver your message. We’ll rewrite existing ads to increase your click through rate with new ads.
+ Create and manage paid search accounts, launching and maintaining accounts in the leading PPC networks, and local and industry specific networks.
+ Provide monthly traffic and ROI reporting on your ad campaign.

All you do is sit back and watch the traffic roll in. We will maintain your account and send you monthly reports that tell you exactly where your traffic is coming from. And the best part is, with PPC you only pay for results!!!

Stop sitting around wondering when the traffic will start rolling in or wasting money on ineffective PPC campaigns. Contact us to make it happen today!

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