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Netsurf Marketing is focused on helping you market your business online. We provide you with a comprehensive online marketing strategies to boost your website traffic, get your more leads and increase your sales opportunities.

Social Media, It's Not A Circus

Social Media is changing the way people interact with business online. People can now comment and communicate directly with brands and companies. The benefit for business is you get instant feedback, as well as helping people in real time with their buying decision.

The Path To Social Media Success

Engaging in social media is not about running around and having to post on every social media channel. Rather it's about looking and listening where and what your customers and prospects are saying about you. While having a social media account and presence for many of the mediums is valuable to build back links, in reality, you are much better to work with where your clients are. Search on the major social media sites to see if there is posts, discussions or interest in your firm and what you offer. Then once you know where your customers are online, then you can create accounts there and start to engage with them directly.

There are many elements to a successful social media campaign. The biggest mistake businesses make is trying to sell directly through social media. This will only serve to irritate your target audience. They don't want to be sold, but to know who you are. It's more a dialogue with your audience, giving a voice and personality to your brand, and what you represent. It's about being able to communicate directly and listen to your audience, like a human would.

How To Play the Social Media Game

It's not good enough to be reactive either, especially in the world where comments can go viral. Proactive engagement is required with deliberate content strategies to further the purpose and opportunties with social media. Video posts to educate, Facebook postings with information to help the buying decision, Tweet specials and updates need coordinated efforts, content developed and a strategic plan of action.

If you are not engaging with your customers and prospective clients, you are missing out on the growth prospects of your online business. Knowing how to speak in real time, on a regular basisl and how to market to your visitor can greatly increase new business and customer retention.

Your Guide To Success

A successful social media program has many interlinking components or layers. Knowing how to layer your social media tools effective can seem confusing. Understanding how to design, plan and implement a comprehensive social media marketing strategy can be overwhelming. Having someone work with you from start to finish with a proven track record of creating a successful social media program is your best route for your own online success.

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