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There is nothing more powerful, more compelling than website copy to get your customers to take action - and to get you great ranking in the search engines.

Words and copy, despite their considerable seductive power, are largely overlooked on many websites, large and small. So many companies spend thousands of dollars on web design: photos, graphic elements, coding, flash - even web analytics, but pay little attention to the quality of the copy.

While you may want to seduce your visitors with fancy design, your customers want to know what they will gain by visiting your site or purchasing your product. This is what you have to convey to your visitors with your website ad copy - but in a very limited amount of time.

The purpose of many websites, especially those that involve an ecommerce component, is to inform or to sell something to the visitor. The task of your website copy is to help sell it or have your visitor take action. Selling isn't the easiest profession in the world, though, especially since most people these days have "heard it all" and "seen everything.

The Pivotal Role of Website Copy

Writing for the web is different than writing for print. The copy has to grab the reader's attention, get them interested and hold it. It also needs to move them to take action. Before you can get them to Buy Now! or Subscribe Today! you have to connect with your customer's needs. Research tells us that you have less than 10 seconds to seize the reader’s attention. In that time, they are deciding whether they should stay or hit the back button, and go to the next website search result.

It is important to be specific as possible when describing the benefits that will be gained from purchasing your product, and emphasize the benefits that differentiate your product from competitors. For example, if you are creating ad copy for an expensive brand watch, you will not emphasize the fact that it has a watchband, minute hand, and hour hand, because any watch has that. Instead, you would emphasize the benefits - increased status - gained by purchasing and wearing such an expensive brand of watch.

The Challenge Of Website Sales Copy

A second challenge to web copy is making the content relevant for search engines. Search engines rank a website based in large part on the content and keywords. Knowing how your customers are searching for you or the problems your business solves will enable you to make the copy relevant to their search terms. In this way search engines determine the relevance of the page to a search term.

One of the most difficult challenges writing web copy content is the need to repeat a keyword or keyphrase on a page several times. From an SEO perspective, this helps the search engines to "understand" the page. However, keyword repetition can annoy and drive away users so the words need to be woven naturally into the page. The ultimate goal is to get your customers to take action which can also complicate the process.

The best copywriting targets the appropriate audience motivating them in just the right way to increase sales. Great copywriting also gets your site high ranking in the search engine results. As a savvy business owner, you know the importance of creating and maintaining a website to boost sales and garner more customers. Many business website owners believe that creating effective copy is simple and attempt to do it on their own. While some may create some viable web copy, most produce copy that leads to tragic results. You wouldn’t attempt to repair your own car. The best advice is to have a professional to produce your web copy.

The Power Of Website Copy Done Right!

Netsurf Marketing can provide you with the expertise in preparing all aspects of website copy. Working with you, we’ll develop a custom strategy for your website based on your needs and goals with:

+ A visitor friendly, proven format of writing copy that is simple yet rich with information that your visitors want.
+ Persuasive copywriting that convinces the viewer to take an action you desire ... buy, sign up, subscribe, make contact or to make return visits.
+ Create unique content to compliment the sales process and after sales service.
+ Produce other related web pages to channel follow up sales of related products and services.
+ Generate unique and original search engine friendly copy complementing the Search Engine Optimization process that improves your rankings in search engine result.
+ Build a professional and intelligent online image to compliment your brand image.
+ Productive lay-out of information that attracts ready-to-buy traffic and ensure return visits.

Along with direct sales copy and support materials, we can also help you create search engine friendly content to highlight your message:

+ Press Releases
+ Lead Generation Pages
+ Special FREE Reports / Articles
+ Auto-responder Series
+ Customer Follow-up Messages
+ Testimonials
+ Order Forms

Contact us to get the competitive advantage of Netsurf Marketing to turbo charge your website copy and increase your website's sales potential.

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